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The Roederers: Who Will Win?

Well, not me for a start.

I think there’s a tendency to maintain a muted air of disinterest about the annual Roederer Wine Writing Awards. I can think of several experiences where a UK-based writer has feigned unawareness (“…oh really, there are wine writing awards, who would have thought it? Oh, and an online category too?” – and this was after the closing date) only for me to see them go on to be shortlisted. Is this to avoid having egg on your face if you don’t make the shortlist, I wonder? How vain.

The Roederers started up four years ago, if memory serves me correctly. Their inaugural year was the first time a specific ‘online’ category was introduced, and thus the first time I entered. The next year I didn’t have time, and the year after I am unsure, but think I probably entered. This year I know I entered, because for the first time I’ve been shortlisted for an award.

The award ceremony is this evening, and even though it is a slog for me (5 hours on the train there, and an overnight sleeper – or ‘don’t-get-much-sleeper’ as I think of it – for the return journey) I’m going, even in the face of certainty (and I mean certainty) that I won’t win. Why go then? Well, I think it is an honour to be shortlisted, and I’m glad to go, show my face, and acknowledge their acknowledgement, if you see what I mean.

Here are the categories I entered:

Category 6 – International Wine Website of the Year 2011
(not shortlisted)

Tim Atkin M.W. – www.timatkin.com
Tom Cannavan – www.wine-pages.com
Jamie Goode – www.wineanorak.com
Neal Martin – www.erobertparker.com (Neal Martin’s Wine Journal)

Category 7 – online Wine Columnist / Blogger of the Year 2011

Tim Atkin M.W. – Various from www.timatkin.com
Alice Feiring – Various from The Feiring Line www.alicefeiring.com
Jamie Goode – Various from www.wineanorak.com
Chris Kissack – Various from www.thewinedoctor.com
Peter Richards M.W. – Various from www.winchesterwineschool.com

Predictions? I am loath to make any, the only certainty in my head being that, against some stiff competition, I won’t win. I think this might also be the first time Neal Martin has been shortlisted, so I wish him well, but Tim, Tom and Jamie all have strong reputations, the latter two for their online work (and this is an award for the website note) especially. As for the blogging category, I think it is probably a three-horse race between Tim, Alice and Jamie. But who knows? I suppose only one thing is sure; at least the Champagne being poured should be good!

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