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Liv-Ex Bordeaux 2010 Survey

Liv-Ex have published their annual trade survey on Bordeaux 2010, with various rankings all based on opinions from the trade. Here’s a link:


It looks like the returning trade agree with my assessment of Margaux as top wine of the vintage, as published here in my Bordeaux 2010 top ten, and also in placing Vieux Chateau Certan above Petrus. If I had the money, that would certainly be my choice – VCC is a stunner in this vintage.

It’s interesting to look at the differences too – there’s still a lot of love for Pontet-Canet it seems, whereas I have reservations about the 2010, and the 2008 I tasted last October too. I am looking forward to tasting the 2009 later this year.

It’s also very notable that Grand-Puy-Lacoste tops the ‘value’ table; this is another superb wine in this vintage.

The most disappointing wine was Mouton, which is surprising; no way was it at the same level of quality as the other firsts for me, but I still thought it was a lovely wine. I suppose that is just one way of interpreting it though; another is to conclude that, as it isn’t of the same quality level as the others, then it is a disappointment.

Thereafter come a naughty quartet of estates, and I wasn’t surprised at a single one of these being included; Troplong-Mondot (which I tasted and didn’t rate highly, with its 15+% alcohol showing through on the palate), Pavie (which sadly I didn’t taste), Cos d’Estournel (which I did taste and found very similar to last year, far too structured and forced, but I know others thought it less ‘off the wall’….I didn’t though!) and Angelus (which I didn’t taste).

Angelus is an interesting wine that shows how different palates react differently. I know two Brits, including one MW, visited to taste, and thought it full of harsh, drying tannins. They found no promise there. Later that evening over dinner with some American friends they heard the wine described as silky, polished, and so on, views much more aligned with Parker’s assessment which I believe was very positive.

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