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Bordeaux 2010 – Day 4

The tastings of 2010 Bordeaux are over (for me at least, I know many hardy souls are staying on, and some who prefer to taste away from the primeur circus are yet to even make a start). And the four days of tasting finished with a bang, with a stupendous first growth experience, as well as many other superb wines. Starting with the red wines we tasted principally from Margaux including Chateau Margaux itself of course, as well as Palmer, d’Issan and just about every other classed growth property in this commune you care to name (plus a few from outside this classification), but also Pauillac (we visited Latour) and Pessac-Léognan (we visited La Mission Haut-Brion, where we tasted the wines of both La Mission and Haut-Brion itself, and this naturally included the dry whites). Oh, and speaking of white wines, we tasted the Sauternes as well. All in all, there were some stunning wines today, in both colours. As for that stunning experience I’m afraid I will have to keep that under my hat until I put my full notes and reviews online. With this is mind, I will be gathering my thoughts over the weekend, with the intention of publishing my thoughts and notes next week.

It has been an enlightening week in many ways, not just learning about the wonderful, well-made wines from this vintage. One thing that seems clear is that more and more people are reading Winedoctor, in particular the Bordeaux profiles and vintage reviews. It is certainly good to hear this – after all, that is the purpose of the site! But although I have site statistics in place, monitoring Winedoctor’s many thousands of visits each day, it is still immensely heart-warming to hear so much positive feedback on the site for myself, from people who enjoy the profiles, find it a useful resource, or use the notes to make drinking or buying decisions. Personal feedback is very different from a page of numbers! Without a subscription requirement I have no way of knowing how many individuals actually use the site, and how frequently they return, so thanks to all who I have met over the last four days, and who have made such positive comments about Winedoctor – it is immensely appreciated.

Right, off now to get writing.

17 Responses to “Bordeaux 2010 – Day 4”

  1. well, I’ve been reading your site for a year now since I began collecting wines. I have to say its been a great help and I count on your opinion more than I do Parker’s or Suckling’s. I get a sense that you’re not so easily seduced by the modern style of Bordeaux and thats what I appreciate the most. More than the other critics, your viewpoint really seems the most objective. I’m looking forward to hear what you make of 2010 in Bordeaux.

    So thanks so much. thanks for sharing your knowledge, thanks for making it free, and free of spin.

    -Juan Dreyfus

  2. Hi Chris,

    Your site, in particular the Bordeaux and Loire writings, have been a valuable resource for those like myself who are looking for wines made with sensibility and a sense of place, while still delivering a delicious factor. Please include in your top 10 a “wines of freshness” like you did last year.
    I have discovered that many of the over-ripe and over-oaked styles of wine produced in Bordeaux do not suit my palate as they creep past the 10 year mark and struggle to shed their tannin. Highlighting wines made in a manner that is proven to evolve positively is a valuable resource that no-one else is doing right now.

  3. Dear Chris,

    Over the past few years I have at least 3 to 4 times a week glanced at your site. As a Bordeaux lover I am very much interested in your comments on the primeurs tastings. You convinced me to buy the 2008 vintage en primeur. Fortunately, because since then prices have skyrocketed. I also much appreciate your interest in Loire wines, an undervalued region. Keep up the good work, I would say!

  4. I’ve been reading your site since 2005 for my first bordeaux primeur campaign, and it’s been an invaluable resource; I’ve discovered countless Loire estates thanks to you. Keep up the good work!

  5. Juan, Aspiring Gentleman, Peter & Sossa…

    Thanks for all those comments, equally appreciated. This has been an interesting vintage to review, I only hope my write-up brings this across.

  6. Hi Chris

    Let me add my voice to those who are expressing their appreciation of your site.

    I’m sure it must have been an exhausting effort trying to post fresh copy to the site at the end of each long day of tasting in Bordeaux, and it was most appreciated.

    I come here more and more for your tasting notes. You have a really distinctive style that I find suits my needs – down to earth, insightful, and above all, showing an enquiring mind willing to reevaluate accepted wisdom.

    I do hope the expressions of support here help giving you more and more access to the Chateaux back vintages, so I can keep reading more.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Thank you too, Anonymous.

  8. Chris,

    Looking forward to your thoughts and to compare with Dave’s who was able to attend this years EP campaign. I had to pass at an opportunity in Chicago a few weeks ago to taste some 2010. Tant pis pour moi!


    PS: First web page I visit in the morning with my am coffee. And yes I seconed the other opinions about your objectivity

  9. Check in on the site every day! Anything Loire-like makes my day and quite often I post a link to WLDG forum over here!


  10. Thanks Gary and Bob, I know you two are regulars! Best wishes – Chris 🙂

  11. Chris,

    I’ve really enjoyed your site over the past couple of years. I really like your insight about what is in the glass, but it’s not just about that is it? Knowing more about the wines, the people who make them, the history of the chateaux really enhances the experience. I’m very grateful for that!

    Keep writing

    PS Your series on Burgundy is also very enjoyable and with the way Bordeaux prices are going, it’s useful too!

  12. Hi Chris,

    I only stumbled across the site recently (past few months) but I have been an avid reader since – it has certainly helped me get my head around the different French regions, styles and wines. The tasting notes are great and have greatly helped me in chosing my selections for a Sauternes tasting I’m putting on in a couple of months. The site is a great resource and even if you did go subscription I reckon I’d sign up.

    Regards from Aus and keep up the good work.

  13. Thanks Marc and Dave, great feedback and mujch appreciated.

    Off now to judge the Loire in the Decanter World Wine Awards. Another early start! 🙂

  14. Oh lordy – I’m booked in to a tasting in Bristol in a month’s time. I’ve followed your blog for a while (initially for the Loire, love the sweet Chenin) but I think you post thoughtfully on the en primeurs each year and I look forward to your considered view this week, if only to keep me from over-excitement…

  15. Thanks, Bald Viveur.
    – Chris

  16. Hi Chris

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I’ve always found your comments are more helpful, objective and informative than other critics.


  17. Thank you Sam.