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Margaux Anti-Fraud Measures

Just caught an interesting 5 minutes on anti-fraud measures at Chateau Margaux on a BBC tech/gadget programme called Click.

It’s not news that these measures are in place of course, but I was unaware of the extent of the measures so the programme may be of interest to others, even though it may even be a repeat – the vineyard shots were clearly filmed in autumn.

The measures include:

– bottles are individualised, with a Margaux emblem and the vintage embossed on the bottom, within the punt.
– a trace element included within the capsule, which can be detected using appropriate equipment.
– an individualised label adherent to capsule and bottle which includes a unique number associated with a bubble film; this is a film of plastic which incorporates a unique and random pattern of bubbles, recorded and stored by the Margaux team.

The program also makes passing mention of determining the veracity of older wines by caesium detection. I was amused to see the bottle under examination was the infamous 1921 Petrus – in the large Rodenstock format, of course. 🙂

Link here

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