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Renaissance and Salon Tastings

Time to change pace for a few days. Unfortunately, that means more hectic, not less.

I’m off to Angers tomorrow, with plans to attend the Renaissance tasting on Saturday, followed by three days at the Salon from Sunday to Tuesday. I’m a little disappointed that the Salon organisers have moved the start date back one day to purposefully clash with the Renaissance tasting (which is on both days of the weekend), giving me one less day of tasting, but that’s life I guess.

So instead of my usual updates next week I will be blogging from Angers, hopefully bringing forth news each day on where I have been, who I met and of course which were the best wines that I tasted. Hopefully I will be able to sum it all up for Winedoctor readers when I return, as I did in 2009 and 2010.

Last year I maintained a small focus on Vouvray (I say small because I do like to taste from across all the major regions and appellations, old favourites as well as new producers), updating all my major profiles as I did so. This year I am still a little uncertain as to my plans; my recent Muscadet guide pushes me towards getting to grips with a few un-profiled Muscadet domaines, but I also have a feeling that I need to expand my coverage of the adulated/much-maligned (depending on your point of view) appellation of Savennières. Any suggestions from readers?

6 Responses to “Renaissance and Salon Tastings”

  1. Chris,

    Speaking of tastings I was able to go to the UGC Chicago on Monday for the Bdx 2008. As expected not an overly crowded event. Pontet Canet not there, but the 2 Bartons and PLL were.

    To sum things up: what a disappointment. A few decent wines, but overall I’ll pass even at the “reduced” prices.

    I’d like to see some more coverage on the other areas in France: Burgundy, Alsace, Provence, Cahors, etc… Perhaps not some much producer profiles, but more coverage of the wines and not necessarily the “big boys” like Tempier for example. Other than Burgundy I think many of these other regions produce some terrific wines in all categories and also provide some of the best values around.

    Enjoy your travels.


  2. Hi Chris,

    I’m heading over tomorrow as well, will give you a wave if I see you! Hopefully they will do the Savennieres room as they have done for the last two Salons, always intriguing to try so many side by side (and to find the abomination of new oak on some of these wines sadly still in use). I’m always partial to the Roches aux Moines from Domaine aux Moines and Loic Mahe/Dom. Gue d’Orger has been interesting in the past as well.


  3. Gary

    On Bordeaux 2008; I have a lot of agreement with what you have expressed. I think this vintage has been over-rated by many, and it is certainly not a ‘great’ vintage in the vein of 2009. It is a good vintage for the right bank, and a ‘competent’ vintage on the left bank. There are a few star wines, which stand out more on the left than the right as on the left they form more of a contrast against the background standard which is lower.

    Sticking my neck out, I think a number of commentators have fallen in line behind Parker rather than stick to their own opinion on this one; he likes the vintage. That’s pretty sad IMO.

    It’s not a bad vintage IMO, as I said, competent to good, with some stars (Pichon Baron, Leoville Poyferre, and a number fo right bankers). But on the left bank I think it falls *behind* 2004 and 2006 and 2001, but is perhaps supeerior to 2002 (although I didn’t taste that vintage at this stage, so have to be careful there).

    On further coverage: I would like to cover those regions too but limited time and finds means I focus on two areas (Loire & Bordeaux as you know) and forays into those regions will always be occasional at best.



  4. Colin

    Thanks for those comments. Definitely say ‘hi’ if you see me.

    There is a Savennières tasting this year, each day at 11am, Salle Layon. I may go as I think I will look at Savennières in some detail this year.

    I note you reference Loic Mahe – I douldn’t find him in the list of exhibitors this year – did you find him/his wine in the Savennieres tasting or did he have a stand?

  5. Looking forward to all TNs, keep`em coming!


  6. Chris,
    If you get to the Savennieres tastings I’d be interested to know how Eric Morgat’s wines are at the moment. We had hoped to get to his place when we were in the area last summer but never quite made it.