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Wine of the Week – Loire wins again

Just totted up the prevalence of wine regions appearing in my regular Wine of the Week feature for 2010. I don’t plan what features here, it is whatever I have tasted recently that has been good or interesting (or both), so I find it interesting to look back and see how it panned out:

Loire – 23 bottles
Champagne – 9 bottles
Bordeaux and Burgundy – a tie on 4 bottles each
Alsace, Spain and Italy – another tie on 3 bottles each
Languedoc – 2 bottles
England, the Rhône and Provence, each with a lone representative

That’s more Champagne than I realised – probably reflecting the completion of my new Champagne guide this year. Considering both the Languedocs were sparkling Limoux from Antech and the Loires included fizz from François Pinon, Philippe Foreau, Langlois-Chateau and Thierry Germain of Roches Neuves, and the English wine was the Balfour Brut Rosé, perhaps I should rename the site Fizzdoctor?

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