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Suckling’s Videos

I was beginning to come around to the idea that Suckling’s videos were fabulous jokes, self-aware parody with a new, enlightening and as yet unrevealed message/direction, based on the repeated contradictions:

– in his first video, he stated he would seek out undiscovered wines, before then showing clip after clip of him in world-famous vineyards in Bordeaux, Tuscany and Napa.

– in his second video, he claims perfection is probably not attainable, before then going on to show clips of him awarding points to wine, eventually reaching 100 points on several different occasions.

But if you look at his youtube channel you can see that he has revised video #1, removing the “search for undiscovered gems” intro, suggesting to me that he wasn’t even aware of the comical contradiction. Hmm….

Of course, it’s all great publicity for his new site, which I’ve just contributed to. I feel so used!

If you do go to view Suckling’s videos, be sure to watch the “Searching For Perfection with Synthesizer background” version. The sound effects are very reminiscent to the half-buzz half-whine that you would hear in old Flash Gordon films. It only needs one of Ming the Merciless’ space cruisers, bright red, with a pointed spike on the nose of the ship, to come crashing through the wall behind suckling as the noise reaches a crescendo, to complete the picture. Surely it would be pretty easy to splice that in?

3 Responses to “Suckling’s Videos”

  1. These videos are really weird. I personally work in the field of law and this is like if some attorney (or solicitor, if you like), who has recently left a huge law firm and now intends to run his own practice, is now bragging – I am here with AIG, I am here with Microsoft, I am here with RBS. Or – loudly, in the eyes of the client – your case is hopeless/unsure/advantageous!…

    Of course, there are many huge differencies between code of conduct of lawyers and winewriters – obligfation of confidentiality to be named as first. However, there are nevertheless some common principles such as treating people around you with respect and dignity. Somehow it seems that in thos videos that is not the case:)

  2. Hi Eriks, thanks for those comments. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next….

  3. James must have pissed the camera crew off, for them to make him look so bad. The editor was where I am not sure,oh wait it looks like there isn’t one.