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Big News – Cellar Tracker Integration!

Cellar Tracker users may well already be aware, but yesterday Eric LeVine announced partnerships with four new ‘content channels’ – the provision of tasting notes from wine professionals within Cellar Tracker – one of which is none other than my humble self. It’s an absolute delight to team up with Eric and Cellar Tracker in this way, as I find CT an excellent and very powerful tool – I’ve been using to to keep track of my stock for many years now.

CT users who wish to do so can now see my notes with their wine inventory, so hopefully increasing the usefulness of all this tasting work I do! Also, I now see all my own scores and tasting notes next to my wines in my cellar; I have to admit that seems a little weird, as if I am talking to myself, although it’s no different from having all my notes online on Winedoctor of course.

To read more see Eric’s latest newsletter.

To get started with Cellar Tracker if you aren’t already using it, visit the CT homepage.

3 Responses to “Big News – Cellar Tracker Integration!”

  1. Chris,

    I am very excited to have you aboard and hope it brings you many new readers. I was wondering what it would be like for you to see your own scores.

    -Eric LeVine

  2. Thanks Eric, I’m certainly happy to be on board with Cellar Tracker, it’s a great application which is immensely useful and which I know is only going to get better.

  3. Chris, this is great for Cellar-Tracker users, myself included. I have been looking at your site for years and now I can see your notes next to the wines in my cellar – brilliant! – Peter Cox