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Bibendum sale, and Vins de Loire galore

Today, a heads up for what we all like best – a sale!

Bibendum’s winter sale this year takes in some diverse wines, such as an Australian fizz, Italian Moscato Giallo, a mini-Hermitage from Australia and much more besides. I have some tasting note on just six wines online today which may provide some inspiration.

As for the Salon, yesterday went very well. I concentrated on the classic estates that I simply can’t miss – so that means Huet, Bernard Baudry, and so on – as well as revisiting ‘old friends’ where the profile is in need of an update – so Champalou, Domaine des Aubuisières, Roches Neuves and so on. There were some new discoveries too, though, including some impressive fizz from a Vouvray producer new to me. Later, we all trouped over to Langlois-Chateau for a tasting and dinner. The evening was capped off with a not-so-magical mystery tour, our cabbie taking the longest route possible through Angers to drop us off, passing within a few hundred yards of our hotel in order to drop off one person before returning, all for a few extra sous no doubt.

Today, more updates and more discoveries I would think.

Impressions so far: 2009 is looking very nice for Anjou-Saumur and Touraine dry whites and reds, not a lot of sweet wines to make any comment on but may not be so successful. Down in Muscadet I think it may have been a touch too ripe to get the nervosité that true Muscadet fans crave, but I will explore further today.

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