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Sing, Hosanna!

Another new Pomerol profile this week, as I continue to expand my right bank coverage as a reflection of the time I have spent there during the last few years – three visits in a little over three years. I know that for a full-time professional wine writer that might be a little lacklustre, but surely it’s not bad for someone doing this ‘on-the-side’, so to speak?

If it isn’t good enough, I can confirm I’m booked up for for the 2009 primeur tastings this coming April, so perhaps that might sway the argument in my favour a little? Maybe! I’m looking forward to it, as always the wines are going to be fascinating to taste. There is already hype building about the vintage, strongly fostered on certain online wine ‘bulletin boards’, to which I have no interest in contributing though. I didn’t prejudge 2008 – and benefited from that, as I discovered on actually tasting the wines they were much better than the ‘prejudgers’ had imagined (that’s an interesting thought – that people might argue online about wines which they can only imagine having tasted). And so I won’t prejudge 2009 either.

Anyway, back to the update. Today it is the turn of Hosanna, a small (4.5-hectare) Pomerol estate that has now been part of the Moueix portfolio for ten years. It has a slightly convoluted history, starting life as Certan-Marzelle, then renamed Certan-Giraud, then being sold and divided twice, Certain-Giraud giving birth to a reborn Certan-Marzelle and Hosanna.

These are great wines, if you like the firm and substantial style of Pomerol (I do, I only wish I owned/drank more of it).

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