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Scottish Rose

Not a wine you will be able to find, wherever you are in the world, but worthy of a mention here all the same.

Jordan House Organic Rosé 2009: A vibrant, electric pink in the glass. The nose is clean and attractive, with slightly sherbetty strawberry fruit, with a welcome leafy, nettly element alongside the sweet fruit. The palate is textured and full, well balanced, with a very appealing fruit profile tempered by little notes of sweet candy, although this is very much a minor component. Most important of all it has a dry presence on the palate, nicely textured and slightly fleshy but otherwise free of unwelcome residual sugar. And there is acidity too, giving this a fresh and lifting character on the palate. At 14% alcohol it certainly packs a punch, but it shows no overt alcohol-derived characteristics on the palate other than a rather full, solid composition. Overall, a very good effort, and although not quite up to the standard of Mark Angeli’s 2008 Rosé d’un Jour this is better than many a Loire rosé that has come my way this year. 15.5/20

This rosé is produced from an unidentified vine (perhaps Black Muscat) growing in a conservatory in Edinburgh. How 14% was achieved I don’t know – the power of growing under glass, perhaps? Hand-picked, fermented using yeast culture in barrel (plastic rather than oak, I think), minimal sulphur, hand-bottled.

And actually drinkable! Perhaps a benefit of low expectations.

Sadly it’s a very limited production, less than a few cases so it won’t be widely available. Sorry to disappoint. It’s made by a friend of mine hence my ability to lay my hands on one – what it is to have contacts!

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