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Winedoctor Newsletter

New for the Winedoctor’s 10th year online – the Winedoctor Newsletter!

Next year sees the completion of ten years of writing online on Winedoctor, and with that realisation I have decided to revive an old Winedoctor feature. Many years ago – perhaps as far back as 2002 or 2003 – I would send out an occasional newsletter to notify subscribers of recent major additions. It was a low-volume affair, at most a once-monthly mailing, with no spam. With time, though, it was something I let fall by the wayside. On reflection, I’m not sure why.

Things have moved on since then; I have travelled and tasted more than I ever thought possible, with regular visits to Bordeaux (right, me outside Chateau Margaux, December 2006 – they did let me in, honest!) and annual visits to the Loire, as well as quick trips to Champagne, Burgundy the Languedoc and beyond. Winedoctor has thus evolved into a very significant resource, and today I have many more visitors than I had back in 2003!

The web has changed too; there are now hundreds of wine-related fora, websites and blogs and it is increasingly difficult to keep track of what is available. For Winedoctor (and also for many other sites) using an RSS feed, a feature I have provided since 2006, is perhaps the best way to keep on top of things, but an occasional newsletter from me to you might also be helpful. I promise the mailings will not be too frequent (once monthly is likely), there will be no spam, no disclosure of your email address to anyone else at all, and it will be easy to unsubscribe should you wish to. To sign up, please visit my subscription page.

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