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Rives-Blanques: harvest news

After my profile of Rives-Blanques last week, an update on the latest harvest from proprietor Caryl Panman:

So much water under the bridge since you were here: a really long harvest (Sep 3 to Oct 13), complete dream to start with, then much more complicated as a couple of fields dug their heels in and refused to budge. Press broke down on a Saturday night, full of our top hand-picked low yield chardonnay, with neither help nor replacement part within a radius of 800 km or 48 hours. These were just some of the things that beset us, but amazingly everything worked out (as it usually does), and though like everyone, our yield is somewhat down (particularly the chardonnay en cordon de royat, interestingly), the quality looks great. My 05:00 a.m. shift at the sorting table was actually redundant: the grapes were passing through like unblemished emeralds. And the weather was wall-to-wall brilliant throughout.

Only the sauvignon is still fermenting, the rest is on its way, and looks pretty good.“

So yet another report from France describing very pure, high quality fruit. Could 2009 be a great vintage across France, like 1990?

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