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Tragedy in the Loire

I learnt last week that Pierre Jacques Druet’s dog (seen below, circa summer 2008) passed away. The guardian of the Druet cellars, who I wrote of in my Druet portfolio (it took some effort to avoid running the dog over – never a good start to a tasting) met his demise in unfortunate circumstances.

The news came in a message from Winedoctor reader Robert, who wrote:

Just back from Loire. Went to taste at PJ Druet & tasted (please ignore bad spelling!):

Rosé 2008, light & refreshing.

Les Cent Boisselées. 2005, as good as last year (bought 2 cases).

Les Fiefs de Louys 2005, possibly better than Cent Boisselées 2005.

Vaumoreau 2004, very approachable, generous & fruity. (Like to buy but only so much cash!)

1989 Cab Franc, (?pre Vaumoreau, ?name). This was very smooth, dark with a hint of truffles. Texture almost like a Chateauneuf du Pape. Not like any other Cab Franc I’ve tried, I was taken aback by the difference in flavour but liked it.

He then took us to the Café du Promenade (just north/next to the Hyper U in Bourgeuil), & had excellent grub (pizza, oysters, foie gras, snails & an apple crêpe, yum…..). Recommended.

At Max Cognards we tried Malgagnes 2004 (oaky to start, & disappointing), 2006 (better, but still not as good as Druets’ Cent Boisselées 2005), but 2005 as good as last year (we may have bought the last few cases). Max has a print out from your website on the wall.

Another good wine was drunk with lunch at the Moulin Bleu, look up the hill from the Cognard vinyard to find (good food & faboulous tarte tatin): Yannick Amirault 2006 Les Quartiers, which was recommend by the restaurant. Delicate but the flavour came out more the longer it was open. Alas, we tried to meet him but he was away.

Hope you find this interesting. We’ll be over next year.

Sadly, PJ Druets dog has died (fell down stairs).

As said before, fab website. You’re converted myself & several friends to Loire Cab Franc. Sancerre next!“

I had to inform my wife and children of the sad canine news. Naturally there were many moist eyes that day.

Sadly I think red Sancerre might be a harder conversion to make than can be achieved with some of the leading domaines of Bourgeueil. Alphonse Mellot would be the best place to start (and some might say the best place to finish, also).

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