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More on Pompaelo

Emilio Valerio, the man behind the wine that featured in my account of some unusual PR from a company called Pompaelo Wines, has written (as a comment on the original post – I have reproduced it here):

I am writing from Navarra,
this is Emilio Valerio,
I was amazed when a friend of mine showed me this article in this bloq.
I am writing to tell the reason they couldn´t send a sample.
The reason is they are completly unauthorized to send samples or sell our wine.
They are not working with our wines, so It was very unpleasant to find this on the internet.

My reply, posted below his comment, but reproduced here…..

Hi Emilio,

Thanks for your contribution to this discussion – I’m sorry if the activities of this company in Germany have thrown any bad light on your name. I think I can be quite clear – as per the title of my post – that the issue here was with the behaviour exhibited by Pompaelo Wines, not Emilio Valerio.

Do you think this company ever had any intention of sending samples to anybody? Or was there something more malicious going on? Have I unwittingly taken part in some sort of smear campaign?

Whatever has gone here, I’m deeply sorry that I haven’t had a taste of this wine. Fortunately it looks as though Emilio and his team will be able to put that right. Watch this space!

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