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Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course

I’ve just spotted that Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course, one of the most enjoyable vinous TV programmes to have ever hit the screens, is now available in its entirety on Youtube. Each edition has been cut into four to make a quartet of 8-9 minute videos. I’ve just watched episode 1, quarter 1, and it is quickly apparent why Jancis has become so popular over the years. It is not just her huge depth of knowledge and great expertise, but she is a great communicator.

The videos do look a little dated, and it is notable that jancis kicked off by stressing that wine was for everybody, reflecting on its one-time status as a drink for the elite middle classes and upwards. These days I don’t think this is such an important aspect of introducing people to wine, which over the last couple of decades has enjoyed a rapid democratisation, in Europe at least (I don’t pretend to know how wine is approached even in the USA, never mind newer markets such as India or China). Today wine is clearly for everyone, part of the weekly shop if you only care to walk down the appropriate aisle of the supermarket.

I’m looking forward to watching a few more of these; I am sure regular Winedoctor visitors will find many of the points made quite basic, but as the series progresses Jancis gets to meet and travel and it should make for interesting viewing. If I recall correctly she even interviewed Didier Dagueneau, who died last year, for her Sauvignon Blanc episode. That alone should make it complusory viewing!

Youtube link to Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course

Postscript: and the videos have disappeared – apparently a copyright issue. let’s hope they appear again soon.

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