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Taking a Break

There will be no updates to Winedoctor for a few weeks now, as I take my now traditional annual summer break. Whereas I would usually spend this in the Loire, and usually make some time for visits to vineyards, this year I will be passing my time somewhat further south. That doesn’t exclude visiting any vineyards of course – I will be staying a short drive from Limoux so there should be no shortage of decent wine to drink – but I think my priority is to switch off and spend some time with my kids.

If I have internet access I might update this blog, but I certainly won’t be updating the main site.

Scheduled for the second half of this year, after my return, are:

  • Southern Rhône 2000 vintage profile & tasting.
  • New Loire profiles: Montgilet, François Chidaine, Clos Roche Blanche, Thierry Puzelat, Pierre & Bertrand Couly & more.
  • New Bordeaux profiles: La Pointe, Latour à Pomerol, Haut-Brion.
  • Bordeaux Updates: Haut Bailly, Léoville Las Cases, Smith Haut Lafitte and many more, many with new images from my recent Bordeaux trips. Loire updates too; Alphonse Mellot to name but one.
  • A new multi-part guide to Burgundy.
  • A 1989 twenty-years-on report and tasting, followed by a 1999 ten-years-on report and tasting.
  • A look at the Bordeaux 2007 vintage, in bottle, from the annual UGC tasting.
  • And also at the Bordeaux 2005 vintage, at four years, at the IMW tasting.
  • A look at the red wines of the Loire from 2005, particularly the Anjou, Saumur and Touraine appellations.
  • One or two Limoux profiles – I suspect!

And probably some more waffle on this blog, too.

6 Responses to “Taking a Break”

  1. Chris

    If your kids aren’t too young, be sure to take them canoeing on the Aude. It is a great day out. Plenty of places to choose from, between Quillan and Limoux.

    And if you head down into the Roussillon vineyards (which you cannot fail to pass through on your way to the beach) I’m sure my friend Jonathan Hesford at Domaine Treloar in Trouillas would be pleased to treat you to a fine tasting session. 😉

  2. Hey Chris, love this area. We stayed at a Chambres d’hote just outside of Quillan on the way to Queribus and Mas Amiel. Great area, especially for history and hiking. Carcassone which we visited on another trip is wonderful.

    We also visited Sarda Malet near Perpignan as we started our trip on the coast.

    Obviously the Rousillon area has many terrific wines to be had and very reasonable prices. If you get a chance consider Chateau Karantes in Narbonne Plage if you’re heading out that way. Had to pass up a tasting there, but have had many of their wines and they were very good and all price ranges. Jean Jacques Fertel is the owner.

    Personally I could just spend three weeks in the Pyrenees region and never leave with travel being a bit difficult through the mountains south and west of Limoux making journeys and day trips a bit time consuming if you can’t hop on the “Green” highways.



  3. Thanks Leon, a good tip I am sure. That would be something my kids haven’t tried before which would be great. I haven’t been very organised in sorting out tastings but I’ll make a note of Treloar.

  4. Hi Gary. Thanks for your message. I will be staying near Mirepoix so very close to Carcassonne which we will certainly visit – I suspect it might put some Loire châteaux to shame!
    Believe it or not I haven’t any tastings planned so all suggestions are well received, thanks. Last year in the Loire I had at least four appointments sorted weeks in advance, and made many other ad hoc tastings too. This year I have just been too busy. I like the wines of Sarda Malet (the few that I have tasted) so maybe a trip south to them will be in order.

  5. Hi Chris, been following your website for a couple of years now, love it! I’ve visited the Minervois AOC north of Carcassonne every year since 2001 (and will be there again next Friday) and there are many wineries there that are excellent imho. If you visit Carcassonne, one place worth stopping by is the tasting room/bar of Vignobles Lorgeril http://www.vignobles-lorgeril.com/ , they have a range of wines which I think are really great!

  6. Thanks Niklas. We will definitely be visiting Carcassonne, so will keep a look out for that one. Best wishes…..