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Reading Wine Labels: Alsace

Domaine Weinbach Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives label image

Most prominent on this label is the name of the producer, Domaine Weinbach, which is run by Colette Faller and her daughters (et ses filles). The term Vin d'Alsace tells us that the wine is from Alsace, although this is legally defined beneath by the term Appellation Alsace Controlée. This particular wine is made from the Gewurztraminer grape, and is a late harvest wine, this being the meaning of the expression Vendanges Tardives. Like all top domaines, the wines are bottled at the property (Mis en bouteille à la propriété). There is enough information to locate the producer if desired, the Fallers declaring themselves as Propiétaire-Vignerons of Kaysersberg, 68240, France. The vintage will be on a neck label.