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Reading Wine Labels: Argentina

Bodega y Cavas de Weinert 'Cavas de Weinert' 1986 label image

Here an image of the producer's wine cellars dominates the label. The producer is Bodega y Cavas de Weinert, as declared in the text near the foot of the label, abbreviated to BCW just beneath the picture. The wine is their Gran Vino, Weinert's top wine, named Cavas de Weinert after the winery. The vintage is clearly stated as 1986. The phrase cepaje procedente de la region de Lujon de Cuyo tells us that the wine originates from the Lujon de Cuyo vineyards, and envasado en origen, bottom right, shows that the wine has been bottled at the estate. Beneath the name of the domaine, in very small type, are contact details, revealing the estate to be located in San Martin 5923 in Mendoza.