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Reading Wine Labels: Bordeaux Right Bank

Petrus Pomerol 1990 label image

Leading the way on the right bank is Petrus. The name Petrus is derived from St Peter, who is depicted on the label holding the keys to the property. The 1990 vintage, a good year in Bordeaux, is clearly stated, as is the appellation, Pomerol, both below the name of the château and again at the foot of the label. The term Grand Vin means little - it hints at a classification of some sort, but the right bank appellation of Pomerol has never been classified. The proprietors name Mme Lacoste-Loubat, is proudly declared. Mme Lacoste-Loubat ran the property in joint ownership with Jean-Pierre Moueix, but today the Moueix family have complete control. The term mis en bouteilles au château indicates that the wine is bottled entirely at the estate, it being the practice, in the past, for the wine to be shipped in barrel and bottled elsewhere.