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Reading Wine Labels: Rioja, Spain

Muga Prado Enea Rioja Gran Reserva 1985 label image

This wine is from Rioja, a legally defined wine producing region of Spain, as defined by the phrase Denominación de Origen Calificada. The producer's name is Muga, and this firm has long-given their top wines the designation Prado Enea. This is a Gran Reserva wine from 1985, a very good vintage for Rioja. Gran Reserva wines must be aged for a minimum of five years before release, with at least two years, sometimes three, spent in barrel. The term Embotellado en la Propiedad tells us that this wine has been bottled at the property. Along the foot of the label there is some interesting detail - Consta de 169997 botellas numeradas procedentes de la crianza 570 bordelesas de roble Americano - which gives details of how many bottles of this wine have been produced, and how many American oak barrels were used.