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Reading Wine Labels: The Nahe, Germany

Weingut H. Donnhoff Oberhauser Felsenberg Riesling Eiswein label image

This wine comes from the Nahe, a wine region which lies on the river of the same name, which is a tributary of the Rhine. Weingut Dönnhoff is the leading winemaker of this region, and beneath his name are details of where he can be found at 55585 Oberhausen. The vintage is 1993, and the wine is made from grapes of the Felsenberg vineyard in Oberhaus (which becomes Oberhäuser, meaning 'of Oberhäus'). The grape is Riesling, and the classification of the wine is Eiswein - this is sweet wine made from the frozen juice of grapes left on the vine until winter. Details at the foot of the label confirm that the wine is estate-bottled (Gutsabfüllung) and is a non-chaptalised (Qualitätswein mit Prädikat) - although we knew this latter fact from the Eiswein designation. The unique AP number is also given.